Some Day you WILL BE LOVED

I am a huge fan of death cab, this is my song for the point I am at in my life.

 Ok I haven't finished the Red Packet Hunt, although what I have gotten so far is fab!

 I absolutely love this outfit, it is inspired by one of my fav sl blogs, fabfree. I feels so fresh and girly yet put together. Something to wear for the day or even out with friends. I love this skin sooo much!

Skin- *Leafy! - Red Packet Hunt #20  - 
Dress – shop slip dress – oL (red packet hunt) - aurora 
Top – *henkei-knit(hunt-green) – oL (red packet hunt) - oyakin
Heels – Group Gift – oL (groupgift in notices) - [SC] Surf Couture 
Bag - Pashion : Bag Pink (join subscriber gift) - PARADISIS 
Braclet - Zenith (light brown bracelet02) -

 I have a cold heart, baby call me a tin man... 

Lingerie - corset champagne (free) -
Tatto - Piddle (red packet hunt) -

 I feel a little a little wild with this tatto. See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil. 

Lingerie - Nymph Couture (Romance) -
Tatto - Aitui - No No No (Freebie) -

 This reminds me of to write love on her arms, you know that the pain will soon pass.

Tatto -  This too shall pass – (pay what you want) - flowey 

Winter lovin

Hey so I have been on the Shoe and Accessory Hunt. The winter olympics are happening so I am feeling the winter rush.
Hair: Lamb - Egomaniacal - Snickers

Skin: Lan - Latte - Blue

Card: group gift

Gloves: Chimney Hunt  sorry

 Dress: Vaudeville from Designers United -sorry not available-

Boots: Reek Sah hunt number 23


This is my time first time to blog second life fashion. Although I have been on sl for a year I still feel like a noob. I found this bird house was adorable and fun. Everything but the skin and the hair are free from the shoes and acc hunt, I linked the stored it's all good.

Skin: Skin Lan-Latte-Smokey light

Hair: !lamb. Milk

Jewelry: group gift

Jacket: SB Leather Bomber Jacket

Dress: !Ohmai : Basics One-Piece BLANK

Leggings: Wool Tights - Sea

Shoes: Elsa Boots